Clean, practical and environmentally conscious!

Discover the importance of biowaste! Our solutions for the separate collection of organic waste offer a variety of benefits for municipalities, waste management companies and the environment.

Our solutions also support a circular economy by returning organic materials back into the natural cycle and forming the basis for new products.

Whether it's food waste, garden waste or other organic materials, we have the right solution for every form of organic waste!

Together we are shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Green and clean

Keeps tight

Light and airy

The collection of biowaste is crucial for environmental protection. It reduces landfill waste and minimises methane gas emissions. Compost serves as a natural fertiliser, reduces the need for chemical fertilisers and promotes the circular economy.

Our bins with filter lids for food waste offer a clean and hygienic solution for disposing of food waste. They are equipped with an effective odour control system that prevents unpleasant smells and keeps pests away. These bins make the disposal of food waste simple and efficient.

Unsere Behälterlösung mit Belüftung und Gitterrost im Rumpf bietet eine umweltfreundliche Lösung für Gartenabfälle. Sie beschleunigen die Kompostierung, reduzieren Deponiemüll und halten den Garten sauber. Die praktische Gestaltung ermöglicht eine effiziente Handhabung und optimale Belüftung, während sie gleichzeitig die Bildung von Schimmel und Fäulnis minimieren.

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