Full-Service around City furnitures

For our city furnishings range, we have developed a full-service, care-free service package that has proven its worth day after day in thousands of municipalities around the world. Our aim is to offer you mature service solutions that function reliably, efficiently, sustainably and economically in every phase.


Our service for large volume container and CITYSPOT recycling banks

The uncomplicated bins for stationary waste collection are very popular all over the world. Together with our service teams we coordinate the deployment of new bins directly from the factory, the regular maintenance, repairs and cleaning of existing containers as well as their recollection and environmentally friendly recycling within the framework of the principles of our material cycle. Your container are kept in top condition throughout their entire life cycle through a customised service package tailored to your needs. When required, we react quickly and flexibly to individual change and equipment requests, for example with regard to access restrictions, category markings or filling-level measurement.

Service for Iceberg underground systems Iceberg semi-underground systems

Starting in the planning phase we assist you with everything from looking for a location to selecting the bin’s technology. During operation, our automated emptying, cleaning and maintenance concept ensures that waste management runs smoothly at all times without becoming an issue for you.

Plan clean together

We will assist you right from the beginning in clarifying and planning the most important parameters. When choosing a location, there are criteria that have to be considered and that our qualified SULO team knows inside out. After choosing the location, it is a matter of determining the bin technology, the size and type of your semi-underground or underground system. You may have certain ideas about what your system should do at your location, when and how which waste fractions and quantities should be disposed of.

Cleaning, maintenance and repair in one wash

For regular cleaning, maintenance and repair, we have developed special vehicles which can empty the collection bins in one go and clean them with high-pressure water nozzles. At the same time, the concrete containers are cleaned and, if necessary, pumped out. During this process, our qualified service team performs all necessary service and repair work.

Software-controlled, needs-based emptying

State-of-the-art SULO filling level measurement with infrared sensors inside the collection bin ensure that the bins are never emptied too early or too late. It signals the control centre when the level for the next emptying has been reached. This reliably prevents both overfilling and empty trips. Further information on digital equipment options such as access control can be found here.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Complete planning from location selection to application and management of construction measures
  • All-round trouble-free service including emptying, cleaning, maintenance, repair
  • Surface-sparing and sustainable waste disposal concept
  • Full cost and data transparency
  • Constant availability and comprehensive service



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