Remote monitoring of the filling level of your containers

With our innovative level measurement solution, you can effectively measure the level of waste collection containers or recycling banks. The system is based on le latest technology and determines the distance from the sensor to the surface of the material each hour, with a daily report. The technology is easy to install and immediately ready for use. All information is transferred to the highly secure SULO servers for data backup and consultation.

Thus, you can have a view on each of your container with a clear vision on their filling level. lt is a good advantage to manage collection trips and have an overview on your assets, especially with our other digital solutions in support.

As part of your individually created customer area, your computers give you access to the lists of bins, including location addresses and the actual filling level, as well as the date and time of the last emptying. You will also be able to see your bins with their filling level percentage on a map as well as the history and statistics of each emptying. It allows you to organize your collection trips depending on the filling level of your containers and therefore reduce your costs of waste collection. SULO filling level solution is working on all types of waste flows (Glass, cardboard…) The transfer of your data is safe due to the SULO expertise and process to extract all relevant information you would require.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Proven, simple and easy to install ultrasound-based equipment
  • Availability of current filling level on your computers
  • Optimization of waste collection tours and reduction of waste collection costs
  • Avoidance of empty trips
  • Reduction of waste collection costs
  • Visualization on a map for optimal overview of your assets
  • A durable equipment



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