SULO Access control system helps you to record and communicate the usage data of your containers

Our Access control system was first developed for the SULO underground and semi-underground systems ICEBERG and ICEBERG SEMI. lt is based on the statement that SULO has the capacity to create value in our waste disposal, with a control of for what, when, and by who voluntary deposit conatiners are used. Our meaning is to create an intelligent container, which can generate valuable datas to manage the collect,and improve the way we consume.


Our system is composed by a smart chip card with an electronic system, a box resistant to extreme conditions and a locker tested against vandalism and high pressure. You will able to grant access to adapted people or group of people by giving them a badge adapted to our contactless system, to record the use of your products, and to identify which one need maintenance.


Using a smart chip card with RFID technology, you are able to open the drum or flap of the SULO containers for one disposal or more based on the credit granted.

The chip card communicates with the RFID chip reader installed on the underground system. The specific user data is stored and can be used as the basis for usage-based invoicing, statistics or waste collection optimization.

The datas are send many times per day

The daily data of the usage is sent by GPRS in order to be consulted via the dedicated software. As soon as the container is full, it is locked until emptying. This effectively prevents overfilling which can be a problem for the collection. Access to the recycling systems can be remotely approved or rejected via the dedicated software.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Control the authorization remotely at the click of a mouse
  • Authorize or refuse access to the containers from a distance
  • Daily update on the use data of your containers
  • Control your waste flow
  • Optimize waste collection
  • Control your costs
  • Preventing unauthorized use
  • Usage-based individual invoicing
  • Intelligent chip card incl. RFID transponder and reading device on the underground system
  • Prevention of overfilling
  • A first step towards the “pay-as-you-throw” system



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