The future is rolling in: Sulo 4-wheel bins

Ergonomic, durable, sustainable - with a quality guarantee!


Immerse yourself in the future of waste management with our innovative 4-wheel bins. Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort and effortless handling. Their flexibility allows them to adapt seamlessly to any environment. Robust and durable, they guarantee reliable performance for years to come. Certified according to DIN CERTCO, they stand for the highest quality and sustainability. With our bins, you can rely on state-of-the-art technology for an efficient and environmentally conscious solution.



Lid in lid
Double lid, easy to use.

Optimised use

Ergonomics under control: user-friendliness meets comfort

Handles on all sides enable effortless handling, as they are available on both the lid and the body.Adjustable wheels and castors offer individual options to optimize mobility for every working environment and user profile. Our range includes:
  • Wheel Ø 200 mm, also non-marking and with steel rim and ball Bearing,
  • Wivel castor
  • Double stop (DS),
  • Central locking (ZF)
  • Steering lock
Pulling harnesses make it easier to move the bins and thus increase efficiency and convenience during transportation.

Functionality, safety and durability

Robust construction and strong connections

Stable comb with honeycomb ribbed contour
and stabilizing centring ribs - bin does not slip off the bed.
Sturdy 4-fold hinge - firm connection between lid and bodyReinforced floor areas in the wheel mounting areas

Certified quality guarantee

We offer high-quality plastic waste bins with the RAL quality mark GZ 951/1, which guarantees strict quality and sustainability standards. In 2024, we increased our efforts for environmental protection and social responsibility by increasing the proportion of recycled material to at least 97%, introducing CO2-neutral production programmes and requiring a minimum of 50% recycled content in production.


Our products meet the requirements of the European Green Deal and ESG targets and are manufactured in compliance with international labour standards.

‘... and this cycle is important to us’


The Amstetten Region Municipal Services Association and SULO are working together to set a positive example for environmental protection and the achievement of climate targets. By using waste containers made from 100% recycled plastic, they are making an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable waste management.

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