The Handhelds


For Bin Systems


Handhelds for assigning RFID transponder number and object number on site when bins are distributed or retrofitted and for use in the company.


Functional principle

Depending on the product type the handhelds are equipped with a barcode reader, an RFID reader and depending on the product with a GPRS module. Equipped with a display and keypad, that can be operatednumerically and alpha-numerically, they serve as handheld for outdoor area use.


The heart of the handheld is the software application that comprises all tasks of administrating the equipment for the recyclable collection.



The products have been developed especially for outdoors and are designed very robust. Big keys allow the operation with gloves.




Paperless distribution

The products have been developed eTo allow a paperless distribution the handhelds have a GPRS module. Via this module the data can be sent to the software application OPTINET. Alternatively, the data can also be sent via a dock-in-station to OPTINET in the internal net.specially for outdoors and are designed very robust. Big keys allow the operation with gloves.




Transponder mounting

For the mounting of the OPTICHIP transponders SULO developed special tools that guarantee reliable mounting depending on the reader type/lifter type. The chip nests on the bin systems fulfill the RAL GZ951/1 requirements.

Modification of transponder information

If the preconfigured information, that has been saved on the OPTICHIP during initialization, shall be added with additional information and this is technically feasible, this is in-cluded in the service of PLUSSERVICE OPTIINTERFACE.


YCYD LabelDesign

With the add-on option of the PLUSSERVICE offer: YCYd LabelDesign individual labels, that deviate in their dimensions, perforations or basic layout from those of the catalogue, can be designed.