Fleet Management






The Fleet Management in Real-Time


The software solution makes it possible to track and monitor your entire fleet online and in real time. You receive a display of vehicle activities in real time, monitor emptying and warning messages, communicate in real time with the driver and can respond immediately to complaints. You can model your rounds graphically or import the defined rounds with comments from OPTINET and send them directly to your vehicles.


OPTIMANAGER is the tracking & tracing solution for your fleet management, because the dispatcher receives everything that happens during the tour on their computer within seconds. With an interface to OPTINET, theoretical tour data are replaced with live data from the tour. OPTIMANAGER is modular. In accordance with your use of the modules from OPTINET, you have the opportunity with OPTIMANAGER to use the full scope of the functions analogously.


Freedom on vehicles

With OPTIMANAGER, you not only have the chance to track your waste collection vehicles, but also to monitor your entire fleet. For example, the OPTISYSTEM vehicle equipment can be installed in all service vehicles such as, for example, snowploughs, street cleaning machines, shuttle vehicles, etc.




What belongs to the database and who gets access to the software


HighlightsUnlimited User Accounts
Start without Software Installation

The Basic module is the system’s core. This is where the database and the server infrastructure are set up and also where your user groups are defined. There is no limit to the number of users who can access it.


While desktop applications require a licence fee to be paid for every user, OPTIMANAGER is entirely cost-neutral in this regard. If you need more users to access the application after the initial installation, we deal with registration as part of the OPTIMANAGER SERVICE contract. If the administrative privileges change, their implementation is also covered by the OPTINET SERVICE contract.


Flexibility in the deployment of your team

The various tasks involved in day-to-day waste disposal cannot be undertaken by one person alone. If you have several dispatchers, you can provide access to each employee.


Since OPTIMANAGER can be called up regardless of the workstation, you have the freedom to give each of your team members user access through appropriate administrative privileges, without having to worry about licensing costs and installations on the individual workstations.


Integration of your vehicles

Settings made locally on your disposal vehicle are required for GPRS communication between the vehicle with the OPTISYSTEM hardware and the OPTIMANAGER software application.


Tracking in real time of which vehicle is driving where and what it is doing at the moment



Data transfer from the vehicle and a view on the screen – everything in real time

With the Collect module, you can follow the activities of your vehicles in your disposal area in real time. The OPTISYSTEM vehicle equipment is required to use OPTIMANAGER.


If you have equipped the vehicles with OPTISYSTEM 1/2/3 without an identification system, then you will receive all the data that is transmitted from the vehicle during the tour. A GPRS connection is used for the data transmission from the vehicles. The GPS connection is used for vehicle localization. With the OPTIMANAGER software application, which can be called up online, you can see how your vehicles are getting along in the map view. The signal is transmitted at 15-second intervals and shows you whether a vehicle is currently driving or stopping.


Exact vehicle tracking in the map view

With OPTISYSTEM 1/2 you monitor the vehicle’s speed and can also recognise if the vehicle is driving in reverse. With GPS tracking, you can see exactly how the vehicles are being driven. Track data can also be shown. Since this map view is often perceived to be unclear, you can straighten the driving track in OPTIMANAGER. The map view is a satellite view with integrated road maps based on the Bing’s Map material. This satellite view is particularly useful if your vehicles leave the main roads and drive in parks, for example.


Increased safety through warning messages

If you have a connection between the OPTISYSTEM vehicle equipment and the running boards, then you can detect live whether a loader stands on the running boards without permission. You can define these warning messages in almost any way and also choose whether the dispatcher is to receive an acoustic signal or have their attention drawn by means of a pop-up window.


Round comments in real time

If you use OPTISYSTEM 3/3+, then with the on-board unit BC04 you have the opportunity to record tour-based comments in the vehicle. The comments entered by the driver are shown to you immediately in OPTIMANAGER.


Communication with the driver

The messenger function of the BC04 allows you to have real-time communication with the driver. So you can send the driver messages on the display in the driver’s cab based on events that you are following in the map.


Complete tour history in the archive

All rounds are saved and can therefore be retrieved at any time and used for extensive analyses.

Tracking in real time of which vehicle has just identified which bin and what it is doing at the moment



Maximum benefit through integrated identification system and integrated interface to bin-based messages

You achieve the maximum benefit of vehicle tracking by using OPTIMANAGER OPTISYSTEM 2+/a tour. In the process, bins and their read errors with bin comments and the definition of the read errors. Furthermore, you will see this information visibly marked in the map view, and therefore you can assess at a glance via the signal colours whether the tour is running smoothly or if there are frequent disruptions.


Complaint management without a delay

If you use OPTINET to manage your bins, then the Collect+ module gives you an interface with which you can display in OPTIMANAGER the property data (installation site of the bin) as well as the data of your fee-payer with the corresponding bin and transponder number. The OPTISYSTEM 2+/3+ identification system in the vehicle reads the transponder number and OPTIMANAGER shows which action was carried out based on the transponder number, i.e. whether the bin was emptied or if there was a reading error. These reading errors are entered by the loader or driver on the EST03.1 or EST05 lifter terminal or on the touch display of the BC04 on-board unit.


Through the connection of this field and property information in real time and the display in OPTIMANAGER, the dispatcher can recognise immediately whether a complaint is justified and initiate the respective measures.


Communication with the driver

If OPTISYSTEM 3+ is being used (with the BC04 on-board unit), then this multifunctional on-board computer gives the dispatcher the opportunity to communicate with the driver using the messenger function. The dispatcher calls up the function in OPTIMANAGER, enters the text message and sends it to the vehicle. This message is then shown to the driver on the display in the driver’s cab.


Everything around the planning of the tour



Perfect Tour Planning

With the Round Management module, you are able to model your rounds graphically in the map view of OPTIMANAGER with GPS coordinates. This function allows you to lay out the route in accordance with the cartographic information, in contrast to the tour planning module in OPTINET in which you plan exclusively on the basis of the tour volumes and number of emptying activities. It enables you to plan for the vehicle mainly based on routing aspects.


To do this, you import the theoretically planned rounds from OPTINET and thereby have the freedom to optimise these in the map view and arrange the route perfectly based on the road network of your disposal area. This functionality is particularly interesting when you have to plan routes taking into account the nearest incineration plant or disposal sites.


You optimise your planning processes by comparing the theoretical rounds from OPTINET with the actual driven rounds from OPTIMANAGER and drawing conclusions for optimisation based on that information.


Real-time reports for a quick overview
Export functions for detailed analyses according to individual requirements

Extensive, predefined statistics can be retrieved in all modules to give you a graphically prepared,visual overview oh the relevant information.


The time charts in real time are particularly interesting. They give dispatchers an overview of how the vehicle activities are progressing live. Just like the geo-localisation data of the vehicles, these charts are updated at intervals of 15 seconds.


For analyses that are to be perfectly tailored to your information requirements, you can use the export function and then analyse the data conveniently in MS Excel.



Control screen

In this view, it is possible to follow the current progress of the tour in tabular form based on operating key figures as well as identification and weighing data.