System for Access Control


The System for Access Control for Semi-Underground and Underground Systems.







The System for Access Control




For Semi-Underground and Underground Systems




A hardware solution for the remotecontrolled access control via RFID transponder to collection points with fill level calculation.




OPTIACCESS enables you to limit the user group of the underground systems and monitor the activities of each user to display a fee invoice acc. to use.




As you administrate the white list for OPTIACCESS in the software application you can conveniently authorize or block via mouse click one system or all systems installed.




The calculated OPTIACCESS fill level information provides you with an estimation if the system has to be collected. You thus optimize the collection tours and save the resources.




Functional Principle


OPTIACCESS is installed directly next to the drop element of an underground system. OPTIACCESS reads authorized transponders and decides, if the drum or flap of the underground system may be opened or remains closed.










Data transfer


OPTIACCESS transfers the using data, operating data of the system on a daily basis via GPRS to the software application OPTINET.




Tour configuration


The collection tour configuration for the full systems is done in OPTINET. The objects to be collected are shown red in the map and chart view, the other ones are marked green.




Using data


■    transponder-number
■    date, time and hour of the using
■    accomplished actions (opened, not opened)




Operating Data


■    system-number
■    battery status
■    operating temperature
■    number of flap/drum openings




Fill level monitoring


Every underground system is entered in OPTINET with the geological data of the installation location. The fill levels of the systems are calculated by how often the flap is opened and shown in a chart and map in OPTINET. The signal coloring of the chart quickly gives an overview which systems have to be collected.








Mit der Kombination aus OPTINET und OPTINET HOME kann dem Benutzer der Untergrundsysteme ein persönlicher Zugang zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Damit verschafft er sich Transparenz über seine persönlichen Daten und seine Nutzungsdaten.




Vehicle tracking in real-time


If the software application OPTIMANAGER is used, the waste collection tour can be shown via GPRS data transfer on a map in real-time.






Vehicle navigation


If the waste collection vehicles are equipped with OPTISYSTEM 3/3+, the configurated tour can be sent via GPRS directly onto the board computer BC04 in the vehicle cabin and thus navigates the driver via a touch display to the systems to be collected.






RFID transponder


The RFID transponders of the OPTICHIP line are suitable for the identification at OPTIACCESS. The check card or key chain form can be selected. Additionally, the transponder carriers can be personalized and imprinted individually.