Fill Level Measurement







The System for Fill Level Measurement


For Collection Banks, Semi-Underground and Underground Systems


A hardware solution for the remote fill level monitoring in the inner container of the system.


With OPTIFILL you ensure to collect only full systems. You thus optimize the waste collection tours and save resources.


Additionally, this gives you the flexibility to also collect the systems that are faster full than usual. Overflowing glass collection points or charity bins will be a thing of the past.


Functional principle

OPTIFILL is mounted to the inner container ceiling and measures the distance to the content via Infrared sensor several times a day. The mounting is very easy and does not high installation costs.




Data transfer

OPTIFILL transfers the inner container fill level data via GPRS to the software application OPTINET on a daily basis.


Data processing

Every underground system is entered in OPTINET with the geological data of the installation location as well as the fraction tagging and fill volume. The fill level of the systems are shown as chart and map in signal colors OPTINET. This allows you a fast overview of which systems have to be collected.


Tour configuration

The collection tour configuration for the full systems is done in OPTINET. The objects to becollected are shown red in the map and chart view, the other ones are marked green.


Vehicle navigation

If the waste collection vehicles are equipped with OPTISYSTEM 3 or 3+, the configurated tour can be sent via GPRS directly onto the board computer BC04 in the vehicle cabin and thus navigates the driver via a touch display to the systems to be collected.

Vehicle tracking in real-time


If the software application OPTIMANAGER is used, the waste collection tour can be shown via GPRS data transfer on a map in real-time.