Production Monitoring System






System for vehicle monitoring, tour recording and weighing via GPS/GPRS and vehicle signals


Functional principle

Additionally vehicle data is recorded via the connection with weighing systems.



Based on the weighing results fees can be charged according to use, e.g. for commercial waste.




optisystem weight


With OPTISYSTEM 1 PMS and the combination with OPTISYSTEM WEIGHT commercial tours can be organized efficiently. For the weighing system a special weighing cell for front-loader vehicles is available.






Data management

If the software application OPTIMANAGER is used the waste collection tour can be shown on a map in real-time via GPRS data transfer.


Ability to react on complaints

If the software application OPTIMANAGER is used the waste collection tour can be shown on a map in real-time via GPRS data transfer.



Highlights BC04*





mp3 playerMP3 Playerradio Radio




telefonTelephoneadress book Adress Book





The multi-talent with savings potential when buying vehicles

Since the BC04 comes with all the functionality of a conventional on-board-unit, comparable products can be managed without when purchasing a new vehicle. Who needs two radios?


Navigation for pros

For vehicles in the disposal industry, it is important for the navigation system to be equipped with information that affects the trucks. The car version of Map&Guide is installed in the BC04 at the factory. If information on bridges and excessive lengths is required, then the TRUCKNAVIGATION option can be provided.


In contact with the driver

If OPTIMANAGER, the software application for real-time fleet management, is used, then the dispatcher can follow the vehicle in real time in OPTIMANAGER. By means of the messenger function in OPTIMANAGER, they send messages to the BC04 in the driver’s cab that are displayed on the touch display.


Operating journal easily prepared

The BC04 JOURNAL function makes it possible to record all operating events relating to the vehicle, and specifically those that are not recorded automatically by the vehicle’s electronics or through cable connections such as, for example, the trip to the petrol station, the trip to the landfill site, time spent in the workshop or whether the vehicle is stopped in a traffic jam. This function simplifies administrative tasks in particular and thereby saves human resources.


Vehicle efficiency through use in multiple disposal areas

With the TOUR SPLITTING function, the BC04 makes it possible for you to use your vehicle in multiple disposal areas. The advantage here is that the data can be sent to different receiver servers via GPRS. Hence, it is possible to have rounds 1 to 10 in disposal area A and rounds 11-20 in disposal area B. This separation based on round numbers, which are used once, helps you to exclude mix-ups and to clearly allocate the rounds. This function utilises your fleet to the maximum, especially if you have to react flexibly to the requests of your contract partners and keep an eye on fleet costs at the same time.

real timeReal-Time

Round tracking in real time via GPRS

All the information on the round such as the operating data, bin comments, activities in the event of read errors, round-related comments as well as identification and weighing data are sent in real time to the OPTIMANAGER software application. Hence the dispatcher receives all the information on their PC at updating intervals of 15 seconds.

routeplayer Routeplayer

Flexibility in personnel planning with OPTINAV

The OPTINAV software module installed in the BC04 creates a great deal of flexibility in dispatching drivers. For example, a model round can be created based on the round history in OPTIMANAGER, which is then sent via GPRS to the BC04 on-board computer as the round navigation. That way, the driver has all the information on the round from “caution school” up to “the bins are in the backyard”. In the process, round comments from driven tours can be integrated and new comments entered that provide additional assistance to the driver. The route player function is particularly valuable if drivers are unavailable because of illness or new drivers are hired. With it, you are fully operational even in stressful situations and can keep your personnel capacities lean.


* Depended on System