Environmental Protection


One of the important areas of business of the SULO Group is the environment. The importance of environmental protection is therefore even more self-evident. In addition to strict compliance with the legal regulations, investments in sustainable solutions are always preferred. The environmental management system is therefore implemented in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.


Environmental Policy  of the SULO Group


To us, dealing with the environment in a responsible manner is an absolute necessity. With the introduction of our environmental management system we want to contribute to preserving the natural bases of life. For us the pursuit of economic objectives is not contrary to the technical compliance with ecological principles – prophylactic, efficiently operated environmental management represents an essential component for our sustainable business success. This environmental policy serves as INPUT to our environmental goals, thus forming the framework for the definition and assessment of environmental goal settings and individual goals.

In order to guarantee a high environmental standard and to continually improve processes the SULO Group has implemented this environmental management system. It is a systematic and complete coverage of environmental issues, and primarily to avoid adverse environmental effects.

The following principles define our actions:

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

In addition to this environmental policy the legal and regulatory requirements form are the basis for our entrepreneurial actions.


Apart from complying with environmental laws and regulations we have committed ourselves to focus on the needs of all stakeholders in the direct and indirect environment.

Identify and avoid adverse environmental effects

We proactively identify and assess potentially hazardous environmental effects emanating from the SULO Group companies. We avoid respectively reduce those, which have been identified as being of great importance and which can be influenced by us.

Involvement of employees

We convey to our employees a distinct environmental awareness. The management has a role model status. Furthermore, we motivate our employees to contribute their own ideas as to environmental issues and to participate in their implementation. 

Continuous improvement

We continually improve our environmental performance by allocating adequate means. Within the framework of annual management reviews the management verifies the adequacy of the environmental policy, the compliance with it as well as the functionality of the environmental management system. Allowance is made for changes in the framework of environmental protection by adapting objectives and elaborating as well as implementing respective measures.

Including environmental aspects in product development

When developing new products or accessories we ensure – taking into account the complete life time cycle – that in addition to requirements related to safety and quality we also meet those requirements relevant to the environment. Our future solutions should also have the distinction of being durable and recyclable.

Environmentally friendly products and production processes

As far as technically feasible we use environmentally friendly materials in our production. We utilize safe equipment and processes, which are state-of-the-art. Waste material and emissions to soil, air and water resulting from our production are to be avoided respectively reduced.

Environmentally compatible resource and waste management

We economize on energies and raw materials. Primarily waste should be avoided. Recycling of waste is another alternative – in order to close the cycle of valuable material we are using secondary raw material. If recirculation is not possible, we professionally dispose of the material.


Involvement of business partners

We specifically encourage the ecological awareness of our business partners. When choosing our suppliers criteria relevant to the environment are to be taken into account. External companies working on our site are encouraged to act environ-mentally friendly. To users of our products we offer support in professionally disposing of the products – after expiry of the life time cycle.


Information on eco-political aspects is also available to the interested public.