The SULO brand stands for quality at the international level. In the last few decades, the SULO Group has proven its reputation as a quality leader on a daily basis. SULO’s secret to success requires the daily commitment and attention to detail of all its employees and all of the company's departments. The products of the SULO Group are valued in particular because they offer added value. More quality, more functionality, more longevity: more for your money.

This consistently demonstrated claim is ensured through a holistic quality management system which mets the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard: Qualified and trained employees, modern and faultlessly adjusted equipment and machinery as well as internal testing equipment for the constant monitoring of production processes. In addition, quality is regularly monitored by external and independent testing institutions.

Quality Policy of the SULO Group

In the SULO management system customer requirements are decisive for designing internal processes. An effective quality management is supposed to increase customer satisfaction by understanding and complying with customer requirements. It is the job of the quality management representative to promote the awareness in the company in terms of customer requirements.

In order to guarantee high quality standards and to continuously improve its processes SULO has implemented a quality management system.

The following principles define our actions:

Quality as a basis

Quality is the basis for all activities at SULO. Every employee contributes a considerable share to quality. Zero-Fault-Quality of all products, processes and services is a precondition to safeguard the future.


It is our ultimate ambition to win fully satisfied customers. In order to achieve this we identify professionally customer requirements, give expert advice, develop and produce reliable products, which are easy to serve, provide fast and smooth order processing, deliver on time, provide the required documentation in time and in a comprehensible manner as well as implement specific framework conditions. For continuous quality improvement an unconditional commitment to quality in the individual job is expected from every employee as well as the active contribution to continuously improving the quality of products, processes and services. 


Quality based on thinking and practice

In order to achieve the quality objectives the capabilities of all employees in terms of customer, quality and process oriented thinking and practice are to be continually further developed and trained.

Quality by management

The management acts is a role model for their employees. The management formulate clear, achievable objectives and offer support to the employees when implementing them. The management as well as the employees are responsible for accomplishing these objectives.