RFID transponder




The Transponder Technology


For Bin Systems, Semi-Underground and Underground Systems


RFID transponder for identification of bins via ident and weighing systems on vehicles or via access control systems at collection point


OPTICHIP enables you to reliably define the group of people who are authorized to use your services. You can determine that only the bins equipped with OPTICHIP are collected. Your risk that unregistered bins are collected is excluded.


With OPTICHIP you can collect data related to fees and through the connection of the transponder number with the invoice recipient the invoices can be issued acc. to use. The OPTICHIP transponders can be delivered either initialized or personalized.


Functional principle

From a distance of ca. 3-5 cm the transponder communicates with the so-called reader which reads the information on the chip. Each transponder number from the OPTICHIP line is worldwide unique. When the reader identifies the transponder number it sends a signal to other hardware components that trigger a predefined action.



The OPTICHIP RFID transponders are available in different designs for the various fields of use. Additionally, all customary frequencies and read/write modes can be chosen. The RFID transponders have to be adjusted to the hardware technology (reader and lifter type) of the vehicle or the access control system.




Transponder management

OPTINET is the software application in which the bins as well as the transponder numbers are administrated. If the vehicles are equipped with ident systems, the tour can be configured via OPTINET that just the desired bins are collected or left via identification.


Citizen Account

With the combination of OPTINET and OPTINET HOME the citizens can check their whole collection history if they own a bin with OPTICHIP transponder.

Ability to react on complaints

When the OPTIMANAGER software application is used, the waste collection tour can be shown on a map in realtime via GPRS data transfer. If a bin was overlooked the driver can be reached via the board computer BC04 of OPTISYSTEM 3+. Additionally, the driver can check with the OPTICHIP transponder number in the vehicle if and when exactly the bin was collected.


Flexible user groups

For the use of the functionality of the OPTICHIP transponders for underground systems it is required to use an access control system. With OPTIACCESS the user group can be limited in order to allow only owners of the allocated transponders access to the system.


Transponder identifikation

If the waste collection vehicles are equipped with OPTISYSTEM 3/3+ the OPTICHIP transponder can be identified with the vehicle hardware and transferred to the software via GPRS.



The assigning of the OPTICHIP transponder numbers with the objects OPTIPAD can comfortably be added. The handhelds are equipped with barcode and RFID reader. The latest OPTIPAD generation also includes a GPRS module that can show a paperless distribution.





Transponder mounting 

For the mounting of the OPTICHIP transponders SULO developed special tools that guarantee reliable mounting depending on the reader type/lifter type. The chip nests on the bin systems fulfill the RAL GZ951/1 requirements.


Modification of transponder information

If the preconfigured information, that has been saved on the OPTICHIP during initialization, shall be added with additional information and this is technically feasible, this is in-cluded in the service of PLUSSERVICE OPTIINTERFACE.


YCYD LabelDesign

With the add-on option of the PLUSSERVICE offer: YCYd LabelDesign individual labels, that deviate in their dimensions, perforations or basic layout from those of the catalogue, can be designed.